About Loesje

Loesje ['luʃə] was born in Arnhem in Holland, on 24th of November, 1983. For first couple of weeks, news about her birth was spread on street posters. Loesje is a group of people active all around the world and at the same time, Loesje is a character, through whom those people want to inspire others. The idea of this movement emerged among nine friends, whose aim was to bring to life a new initiative as a reaction to social and political issues Holland was focused on at that time.

Although Loesje is still most recognised in Holland and first of all in her home town Arnehm, her ideas were spread all around the world. Nowadays, local Loesje groups are active in many countries.

Since 1994, Loesje International has supported actions of local groups in other countries. Loesje International co-works with other NGOs and takes part in initiatives supporting freedom of speech, tolerance, creativity. Besides, organises trainings, international exchanges and creative writing workshops.

Rumour has it that the first Loesje's appearance in Poland was just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. However, Loesje had her first official publication in Polish in Kielce. Today, the local group in Warsaw is the most active in Poland and its members organise creative writing workshops on a regular basis as well as spread Loesje texts as posters and murals, among others.


Loesje's objectives and values

Loesje's aim is to encourage people to think creatively and realise they are able to influence the surrounding world. Loesje's text on posters, postcards and stickers are often created during creative writing workshops and their objective is to share ideas, express individual opinions with those short slogans. Loesje workshops inspire to be active, especially locally, and give opportunity to express your thoughts .

As Loesje is a person, she has values that shape her opinion and what she says. These values are: freedom of expressing different opinions, freedom of speech, tolerance, ability to criticise positively, being anti-authoritarian. Loesje believes in people, independent initiative, creativity, independence, freedom, acceptance and peace.
Loesje is not about telling people what they should think or do. The purpose is to inspire people to form and express their own opinions.


Loesje around the world

Loesje groups write and spread posters all around the world. During many years of Loesje's presence, dozens of Loesje groups in different countries and with different profiles were created, building a wide network in Europe, Africa, America and Asia. Some of them are more involved in social activities, others in cultural and art projects. Loesje's flexibility and openness to different ideas enables local groups to form their own profile - adjust their projects to local conditions and size of the group. Local groups create texts, which are relevant to them, to country, region or city they live in. Texts are usually written in language or languages of that particular country.

To learn more about Loesje groups all over the world, please visit the international website.


Still not enough?

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