Among very common Loesje's actions are creative text writing workshops, spreading posters in the neighbourhood, actions in public spaces, publications supporting the idea of creative activism. Learn more about our local and international actions!


Creative text writing workshops

Texts, which are later put on Loesje's posters, are written at creative writing workshops organised by local Loesje groups and international office in Berlin. Workshops promote freedom of expression, motivate to social activism, creativity and critical attitude toward reality.

The flow of workshops depends mainly on the size of the group and as a rule a workshop meeting lasts no less than 2-2,5 hour (if group size is about 15 people). Workshops consist of warming-up games based on working with associations and creating short texts. Later the group picks topics which are the base for writing short texts created in the Loesje's style. Next steps involve choosing favourite texts created during the session, discussion on texts, as well as layouting them for posters.

Because of open and easily-modified from of workshops – anyone who participate in a session at least once – is able to deliver Loesje workshops for another group of people. Each session is different on account of the fact every group is different and people participating in every meeting pick and choose current topics which they are interested in. Therefore, no matter how many times you take part in workshops – they always open new spaces for new discussions.

Open workshops, in English and Polish, take place in Warsaw and you can find specific dates in the Calendar section.
Open workshops last about 2,5-3 hours and a working group consists of maximum 15 people. Anyone over 12 years old could participate in a session.

Besides, Loesje can organise workshops for a specific group of people adjusting the session to the needs of participants.
Venue, date, language and topics of workshops – can be fixed, just contact us!


Posters in public spaces

When posters are already layouted, Loesje uses them for various purposes. Because Loesje wants to interact also with people randomly met in public spaces anywhere she goes – she leaves her traces as black-white posters, postcards, stickers, graffiti, etc.

Posters perfectly reflect the basic idea of Loesje's texts – they aim to be first of all visible what is achieved by the simplicity of colours and layout. Besides, they are short so that could be easily and quickly read. All these characteristics distinguish Loesje's posters from very colourful posters which most often – unlike Loesje's texts – are adverts.

Using her posters, Loesje also prepares series of postcards, stickers, buttons or eco bags. Current series are available at creative text writing workshops or by contacting us.

Postering actions in Warsaw usually take place in spring and summer – they simply depend on the weather. They are organised by members of Loesje Poland, but you can download your favourite posters and stick them in the places you find proper for the texts on the posters.

Posters could be downloaded from our website or from the archive on the international website.

As a way to spread texts in public spaces, in Warsaw Loesje created a series of murals with slogans from her posters.

Loesje mural located on 9 Goscieradowska Street in Warsaw
which roughly translates as: Don't talk to strangers / bacause you might befrend someone


Szczęśliwy plakat

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