Loesje and her friends from V9 street art collective created two more murals in Warsaw in 2015.
The big-size paintings keep the minimalistic style of Loesje posters: simple letters are painted on the white background. This approach emphasises that it's the text and its meaning what is the most valuable aspect of the Loesje poster, and not a colourful form.
Both new murals are located in two districts on the right side of the Vistula river.

Targowek district
Location: 9 Goscieradowska Street, the wall from Olgierda Street
Text: Nie rozmawiaj z nieznajomymi / bo jeszcze kogoś poznasz

Which roghly translates as: Don't talk to strangers / because you might befriend someone

9 Goscieradowska St, pic by Sawa M / Loesje Polska

Praga Polnoc district
(aka Praga North)
Location: 7 Jadowska Street, the wall from Wolominska Street
Text: Prz szłość

Which is very difficult to translate into English – but the literal meaning can be explained as "The difference between the past and the future is just one letter" – since "Przyszłość" is "Future" and "Przeszłość" is "Past". Thus the Polish text has the blank space that lets the reader decide. Less literally, the text can be read as "There's very little difference between the past and the future".

7 Jadowska St, pic by Sawa M / Loesje Polska


These two murals are not the only Loesje texts that found their place on Warsaw's walls.

The first big-size mural was created back in 2011, also in Praga Polnoc district. It's located on 38 Stalowa Street and too keeps black and white style of Loesje posters.
It says “Im dłużej czekasz na przyszłość / tym będzie krótsza” which is Polish translation of the international poster "The longer you wait for the future / the shorter it will be".

Stalowa 38 mural
38 Stalowa St, pic by Jaroslaw Zelinski

There are also a few smaller murals with Loesje texts created in 2013 and 2015.
Because of being made on smaller walls or walls in worse condition, they are just Loesje texts put directly on the walls, with black or white letters.

The list of smaller murals and their locations:

  • Umysł / otwarte 24h (exact translation: Mind / open 24/7) – located on 56 Miedzynarodowa St, Praga Poludnie district
  • Zrób komyś dzień dobry (rough translation: “Make somebody a good day” mixed with “Say somebody 'good morning'”) – located on 61 Walecznych St, Praga Poludnie district + 57 Jana Pawla Ave, Srodmiescie district
  • Z punktu widzenia Drogi Mlecznej wszyscy jesteśmy ze wsi (exact translation: From the Milky Way's point of view / we all seem to be from a village) – located on 30/32 Lubelska St (next to the East Railway Station), Praga Poludnie district
  • Pierwszy krok rzadko bywa do tyłu (exact translation: The first step is seldom backwards) – located on 292 Grochowska St, Praga Poludnie district

More pictures of Loesje murals in Warsaw

Murals created in 2015 were a part of the project named "Miasto myśli" (which can be translated both as "The City of Thoughts" or "The City Thinks") which was implemented thanks to the financial support of the Warsaw City Council and the Polish National Centre for Culture.


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